About Us

Senior Care Community

Our Story

The Oars began with a new vision for senior living. A community focused on promoting dignity and self-worth through stimulating group activities, wellness programs, and engagement in everyday life skills.

Inspired by our combined years of experience, we set out to create a place for the young at heart. After much learning, planning, and development, we’re proud to welcome you to The Oars!

We’ll work with your family to provide support and peace of mind as your loved one transitions to senior care. And as their needs change, our compassionate staff and adaptable programming ensures that your loved one receives support and care with the comforts of home.

Our Values

The Oars is founded on values and daily principles for inspired living gleaned from years working in senior care, and practiced by our caring team each day.


Loving with Action

Caring comes first


Living with Integrity

The little things matter


Being the Change

Making a difference each day


Engaging w/Our Hearts

Celebrating successes
big & small

Our Mission

Bringing Quality Experiences to Your Manner of Living.

The Culture of Care

Redefining the Culture of Care


The individual, the environment and interpersonal relationships are most important when designing programs and services for seniors. Assessing compatibility in each of the above areas leads to more effective daily programming.


We have learned that individuals respond to opportunities that they find valuable…and can be very practical in choosing how their days are spent. We explore what’s shared as most important to each resident and move forward in planning.


We provide opportunities for connecting and interacting as a community. It is widely known that contributing to our own well being boosts confidence, creates independence and provides a greater sense of self esteem.

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